Louisville Attorney Handling Cases Involving Sex Offender Registration

Registration papersSex offenses carry additional punishments beyond incarceration. One of these punishments is the requirement to register with local authorities. Registering entails providing these authorities with your name, address, contact information, the name of your employer, and more. Failing to register, or to update an existing registration, can result in your having to face new criminal charges. If you find yourself charged with having failed to maintain your registration then it is vital that you contact a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Will Corrigan is a Louisville attorney who has been licensed since 2009. Will assists those who are charged with violating the rules of sex offender registration. Contact us today to speak with an attorney.

Louisville lawyer assisting Kentucky residents who have failed to register as a sex offender

Kentucky is like many other states in that it requires those convicted of a sex offense to maintain an updated registration with the proper authorities. Individuals will be required to maintain a lifetime registration if:

  • They were convicted of kidnapping or unlawfully confining a victim under the age of eighteen
  • The offense otherwise involved a minor
  • If they were convicted of a prior sex offense
  • If they were convicted of first degree rape

Anyone else convicted of a sexually related crime will be required to register for a period of twenty years after their release from prison or from their completion of probation, parole, or sex offender conditional discharge time, whichever comes later. It is important to note that our state’s registration requirements will apply to those who were convicted in another state as well. Failing to comply with these laws will result in Class D felony charges for a first offense and Class C felony charges for a subsequent offense. The latter of these felonies can result in five to ten years in prison.

Failure to register cases often arise when a defendant has been arrested for a new offense or when they are accused of violating probation or parole. The first step in dealing with the registration issue is to determine whether the defendant’s prior conviction was one which actually required them to register. If the offense is one which required registration then it is the prosecution’s burden to prove that the defendant lived at their new address for at least ten days as this is the amount of time which one would have had to update their registration. There are other methods for defending such cases and, if the accused is on probation, then the matter may possibly be negotiated as part of a reinstatement. Sometimes Will is even able to negotiate for reduced charges. The process of dealing with such a situation can have several moving parts and you must retain an attorney familiar with these types of cases.

Will Corrigan assists Louisville defendants accused of failing to maintain their sex offender registration. Will has been licensed since 2009 and devotes his practice to protecting the rights of the accused. He will help you to understand what it is you should expect from the process and will aggressively protect your interests. If your case also involves an additional criminal charge then we will take the steps needed to resolve your failure to register charge as part of dealing with the new allegations. We will also provide you with the highest quality of service. This includes quickly responding to your phone calls and making ourselves available to deal with any questions you may have. Our lawyer is ready to assist you.

Louisville attorney providing quality representation in cases involving sex offender registrations

Will founded our firm on the belief that everyone is entitled to quality representation regardless of the charges they face. This includes those who are accused of not updating their sex offender registration. We do not hold someone’s past against them and we make every case we handle a priority. This is our promise to each and every client we serve.