Louisville Lawyer Handling Charges Involving Heroin

Heroin hidden in carHeroin use is on the rise throughout the United States. The nightly news regularly speaks of the “opioid crisis” in places like Kentucky. It is important to understand that this epidemic has created a system in which prosecutors will aggressively pursue charges especially against those who traffick in heroin. Judges typically do not hesitate to incarcerate offenders. In Louisville, progressive community leaders have placed an emphasis on treating heroin and other drug addictions rather than incarcerating those charged with possession of heroin who are interested in and willing to participate in drug treatment programs. Will can assist you or a loved one in finding the right treatment program and whether you would qualify for leniency through Drug Court or Diversion under the current court policies. In addition to jail time, a conviction can mean a permanent criminal record, difficulty passing a background check, as well as other problems. If you or a loved one have been arrested with heroin then it is vital that you contact an experienced attorney to assist you. Will Corrigan is a defense lawyer who assists those charged with heroin related offenses. Contact our office today to schedule an initial consultation.

Louisville attorney handling charges related to the possession of or trafficking heroin

Kentucky’s drug laws are strict. Heroin is considered a “Schedule I” narcotic. An arrest can result in Class D felony drug possession charges which carry a sentence of one to three years in prison. If the facts of the case involve a large amount of narcotics or other factors indicating the accused intended to distribute them to other people, then the prosecution may bring drug trafficking charges as well.

Felony cases begin with arraignment and a probable cause hearing in the District Court. If the Court finds that there is “probable cause” to believe that the offense occurred then the matter will proceed to the Grand Jury for an indictment. Sometimes prosecutors skip District Court and present the case directly to the Grand Jury.  Once an Indictment has been issued then the case will be heard in Circuit Court. If the defendant is still in jail, we will demand a bond reduction hearing. As with other drug-related charges, matters involving heroin often hinge on whether law enforcement found the drugs by violating the defendant’s constitutional rights. If the Court finds that such a violation occurred then it may be possible to gain an outright dismissal of the case. If a dismissal is not possible, and a favorable resolution cannot be reached, then the matter will proceed to a trial. The prosecution must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in order to gain a conviction. The jury will decide the issue of guilt or innocence while the Judge will decide between probation or incarceration in the event of a conviction. These types of cases can involve complex legal issues and it is important to retain a lawyer experienced in handling such matters.

Will Corrigan is a Louisville criminal defense attorney and has been practicing law since 2009. Once retained, our firm will immediately obtain the police reports, witness statements, and other evidence from the prosecution. He is often able to negotiate for reduced charges, Diversion, or a dismissal if certain treatment related conditions are met. If Will believes that the police violated your rights against an unreasonable search or seizure then he will file a Motion to Suppress any unlawfully obtained evidence. An evidentiary hearing will be held at which law enforcement will testify as to how they found the drugs. The officers will be aggressively examined by Will and he will argue that the heroin should not be allowed into evidence.  If it is found that the police did not have “reasonable suspicion” which justified stopping you, or that they exceeded their authority when conducting a search, then it may be possible to gain a dismissal. If a dismissal or favorable resolution cannot be obtained, our firm will take steps to prepare your case for trial and we will make sure you know what to expect as your case moves forward. We will protect your interests at trial and ensure that you receive the best representation possible. We are ready to assist you.

Lawyer staying in regular communication with those facing heroin related charges

Will understands that one’s life can sometimes take a wrong turn. Our firm is founded on the belief that everyone is entitled to the highest level of respect. This is why our lawyer regularly provides clients with his cell phone number and promptly responds to messages. We will stay in regular contact with you as the case proceeds and we will ensure that your questions are answered. It is our privilege to represent the citizens of Louisville and we take this obligation seriously. Call our office if you face heroin related charges.