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Youth under arrestParents care deeply about their children. One does their best to help their children succeed and to give them every opportunity in life. There are, unfortunately, times when kids make mistakes or poor choices. Those choices may result in the commission of a crime and a run in with the law. It is vital that any ensuing case be handled properly so that your son or daughter can put the matter behind them and get back on the right track. Sometimes, if the matter is not handled appropriately, the parents can be subject to consequences from the court. It is, therefore, vital that you retain an experienced lawyer. Will Corrigan is a Louisville criminal defense attorney who handles juvenile cases. Will deals with all matters in our office personally and prides himself on providing a high level of service. We are ready to assist you. Contact our office today to schedule an initial consultation.

Juvenile defense lawyer assisting Louisville families

Kentucky’s juvenile court differs from the adult system. Juvenile cases are administered by the Department of Juvenile Justice in conjunction with the local prosecutor’s office. The juvenile system is ostensibly guided by “best interests of the child.” This difference, to many, will seem superficial. A young person can be incarcerated if they are found to have committed a serious offense. They are subjected to similar court proceedings as an adult and they may present evidence of their innocence. Common juvenile offenses include drug charges, DUI, status offenses and more. If the situation is serious enough then the youth may be transferred to the adult system as a “Youthful Offender.”

The juvenile court process will begin with an arraignment at which the youth plead not guilty. If the youth is still in jail, then the court will hold a Detention Hearing. The Judge may then release them to their parents under certain conditions required of the youth and the parents. The Court may require that the young person attend counseling, drug treatment, or other programs while awaiting a resolution of the case. Defense counsel will then argue for an Informal Adjustment which will not result in a formal adjudication or disposition. If an agreement cannot be reached then the case will be set for an adjudicatory hearing. Defense counsel be provided with arrest reports, witness statements, and other relevant evidence. Counsel may also conduct their own investigation. In some cases, such as those involving drugs, it may be possible to gain an outright dismissal if it can be shown the law enforcement violated the young person’s Fourth or Fifth amendment constitutional rights. If a dismissal is not possible then counsel will engage in negotiations while preparing for the adjudicatory hearing. Unlike the adult system, juvenile prosecutors are often not as quick to seek incarceration. The Judge will decide any issues of guilt or innocence as there are no juries in juvenile court. The process of handling such a case can be complicated and it is important to retain an experienced attorney.

Will Corrigan is a juvenile defense lawyer assisting Louisville families. He will use your initial consultation to help you and your family understand what to expect from the process. If he feels the youth’s rights were violated then he will file any appropriate Motions with the Court. He will argue for a dismissal of the case and make sure that your rights remain protected. If a dismissal or favorable resolution cannot be obtained, and trial is necessary, then our firm will ensure that you are prepared to go through the process. We understand that this is a trying time for your family. We are here to help.

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A family is worried enough after a son or daughter have been arrested. Being able to reach your lawyer should not be another cause for concern. Will makes communication with his clients a priority. He promptly returns phone calls, quickly responds to emails, and often provides clients with his cell phone number. We will be available to answer your questions and to address your concerns. We are honored to serve the Louisville community and this is our promise in every case we handle.