About Our Firm

Blurred law booksLouisville criminal defense attorney Will Corrigan has been licensed to practice law since 2009. He devotes a substantial portion of his practice to defending the rights of those who have been charged with a crime. He understands that all criminal charges carry serious consequences. This is true whether you are charged with a violation, a misdemeanor, or a felony. He handles all matters in our office personally. This means that you will be dealing with your lawyer and not with an associate. Will’s goal is to guide you through the legal process so that you end up in the best position possible. We are ready to assist you right now. Contact our office today to schedule an initial consultation.

Louisville criminal law lawyer handling a wide range of cases

Will Corrigan is licensed in both state and federal court. He is passionate about protecting the rights of his clients. The types of cases handled by our office include, but are not limited to:

Each of the above types of cases can have a serious impact on your future. You may be facing jail or prison time, being straddled with a permanent criminal record, the inability to gain employment, difficulty passing background checks, and disqualification from professional licenses. Will uses your initial consultation to hear your side of the story and to help you understand what it is you should expect as the case moves forward. He will also provide you with an honest assessment of your situation. Our lawyer will ensure that your rights are protected as the case moves forward. Call today to speak with an attorney.

Criminal attorney providing quality service to those charged in Louisville, Kentucky

Our firm takes great pride in the level of personal attention and service provided to our clients. This includes Will regularly providing clients with his cell phone number, his promptly returning phone calls, emails or text messages, and his regularly meeting with clients in our office. We understand that this is a stressful moment in your life. Our goal is to worry about the law so that you may focus on getting your life back on track. We are honored to serve the residents of Louisville, Kentucky and we take this responsibility seriously.

Our attorney is also able to assist with cases involving gun charges, sexual offenses, and probation revocation.