Other Louisville Criminal Cases

Scales of justicePeople often think of a violent, drug related, or white collar offenses when they hear the phrase “criminal defense attorney.” There are, however, many other types of situations which a lawyer may have to deal with on behalf of clients. Many such issues can involve matters which arise after a defendant has been convicted and sentenced. This is due to the fact that many defendants are placed on probation and some fail to meet the court’s requirements. There are also those who complete probation, or successfully do their time, and find themselves hindered by having a criminal record. If issues arise then counsel can be of assistance. Will Corrigan is a Louisville lawyer handling matters such as the revocation of probation or the expungement of a Kentucky criminal record. Will has been licensed to practice law since 2009 and he takes great pride in the level of service he provides. Contact us today for assistance.

Our office understands that adults are not the only ones who sometimes have legal problems. When a youth violates the law they must deal with the intricacies of juvenile court. Such situations can be stressful for parents as well as for the youth. Will is able to assist with such situations. If you require a juvenile criminal defense attorney then our office will give your case the attention it deserves.