Louisville Lawyer Handling Rape & Sexual Abuse Cases

Man in black shirt in handcuffsFew charges are as tough on a defendant as those involving allegations of rape or sexual abuse. One facing such charges will often feel as if they have two strikes against them before they even step into a courtroom. The prosecution will aggressively pursue such charges and a Judge will have little to no leniency in the event of a conviction. Being found guilty will likely result in incarceration, being labeled as a “sex offender,” and having to register with law enforcement for a period of twenty years to life. Most of these offenses are not probation eligible because the fall under the “Violent Offender” statute. If you have been arrested then it is crucial that you take the charges seriously and that you hire an experienced criminal defense attorney. Will Corrigan is a Louisville lawyer assisting those charged with rape, sexual assault, or a similar offense. Will understands the ramifications that a conviction can have on your life and he is ready to assist you. Contact us today.

Attorney assisting Louisville defendants charged with rape or sodomy

Kentucky is like other states in that it takes a harsh stance against sexually related crimes. First degree rape or sodomy occurs when one forces another to engage in sexual intercourse or deviant sexual intercourse against their consent or if the intercourse occurs with someone under the age of twelve. Depending on the facts, this will result in either a Class B or a Class A felony charge and will carry potential sentences of 10 to 20 years or 20 years to life. Second degree rape or sodomy occurs when someone over the age of eighteen has intercourse with a person younger than fourteen. This offense carries a potential sentence of 5-10 years in prison and will be charged as a Class C felony. Our state also recognizes the offense of third degree rape and sodomy which are Class D felonies carrying a penalty of 1-5 years in prison. These charges can involve someone over the age of twenty one engaging in intercourse with someone younger than sixteen, or someone twenty one or older with authority over or in a position of special trust with someone younger than 18 with whom they engage in intercourse.

The first step in a typical felony case is arraignment then a “probable cause” hearing to be held in District Court. If the Court finds that there is reason to proceed then the case will proceed to the Grand Jury for the issuance of an Indictment. Sometimes, prosecutors will take a sexual related offense directly to the Grand Jury, skipping the District Court process. Once in Circuit Court,  discovery and pretrial motions are conducted. If the defendant is still in custody, we will demand a bond reduction hearing. Rape or sexual assault cases can involve false accusations, statements gained from the defendant in violation of his or her Miranda rights, and whether or not consent was given for the act alleged to have occurred (assuming the victim is of age and capacity to give consent). If a dismissal or a favorable resolution is not obtained, the case will proceed to trial. The jurors will decide issues of guilt or innocence and recommends a sentence to the Judge. Most offenses offenses under chapter of the penal code are not probation eligible. These types of cases involve many complicated issues and it is important to retain a lawyer to assist you.

Will Corrigan is a Louisville defense attorney handling cases involving allegations of rape or sexual abuse. He will use the initial consultation to hear your side of the story, to help you understand what you should expect from the process, and to begin formulating a defense. He will quickly obtain all discovery from the prosecution and conduct a thorough investigation. If Will believes that your Fourth or Fifth Amendment rights were violated then he will file all necessary Motions with the Court. If a favorable resolution cannot be reached then he will make sure that you are prepared for trial and will aggressively protect your rights in Court. Our firm is founded on the idea that everyone is entitled to aggressive representation, regardless of what they are charged with. Providing such representation is our promise in each and every case we handle.

Louisville lawyer handling sexual abuse charges

Kentucky law allows for felony charges against those who forcibly or without the other party’s consent touch another in a sexual way. The level of charges can range from a misdemeanor to a felony and will depend on the nature of the conduct. If you face such allegations then it is important that you hire a lawyer who will provide a high level of representation. We take such cases seriously. Will regularly provides clients with his cell phone number. He promptly returns phone calls, texts and emails, and makes sure that he is available to answer your questions. We are proud to serve the citizens of Louisville and we are ready to assist you.